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What's That Smell?

A flatulent poltergeist haunts Thomas Jeramiah Brown. It causes all types of trouble for him. Thomas learns that his gas is a superpower similar to spiderman's.

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Five year old Maya is frightened of the Bothers, who pester her while she sleeps. They want her to get up and play with them. It’s so hard to rest when you have a room full of invisible visitors watching you sleep or one who constantly steals your favorite teddy bear. She wakes up her older brother, Gage, to comfort her and he teaches her about the Powerful Archangel Michael who helps the Bothers go away.


"After seeing Tekeyla for a session, I used the tricks she told me with the crystals and Archangel Michael. What a difference! My son no longer complains about invisible beings bothering him when it’s time to sleep. One night, shortly after I had put the crystals in the corners of his bed, he came running into his room and jumped on the bed and looked at me and said, "Pheew, I feel safe now." He has slept soundly ever since. I am excited that Tekeyla wrote a book to help other parents teach their children about the Archangel Michael and how he can guide them to sleep" ~ Charity Dumonceau


“Tekeyla is gifted with amazing ways of communicating angel messages. You will see this in this book how she shares about angels on a level that is easy to understand for children.” ~ Clara Penner, author of Gentle Steps On A Journey To A Healing Heart.

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