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Interviews With Tekeyla


When did you start writing?

I started writing in grade 2, thanks to my favorite teacher who used my natural talent to work on my spelling. In school, I struggled with dyslexia and I still do today. Because it took so long to find this out, I ended up being alliterate ~ meaning that I can read and write but what I am reading doesn’t always make sense to me and being dyslexic, letters or even words scrambled themselves on a page. Having a learning disability is the sole reason why I keep writing. It helps to strengthen my skills as well as I am a sole believer in early childhood education. A child’s first teacher is his/her parents.


What Is Your Favorite Quote?

This of course: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you want your children to be even more intelligent, read them even more fairytales.” ~ Albert Einstein.


Albert was a genius after all!


This quote reminds me of my mom. She read very little to me as a child but while we went on long car rides, she always told me stories. Horror stories, fantasy stories, fairy tales, stories about her childhood and romance stories. My mom was the best storyteller I ever knew and she sparked my imagination even before I could write.


What Inspires You?

Children of all ages, life circumstances, a favorite pen…it doesn’t take much to spark my imagination but once it’s on a role, I can’t type fast enough to keep up.


What Is Your Favorite Book?

Tough one. I have many. I mostly read fantasy or sci-fi books and usually a children, or middle grade or young adult books. Since I’m writing for children I need to read what they are reading. So for favorite books I’d say: Septiums Heap by Angie Sage, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Stardust by Neal Gaiman, The Gruffalo by Julia Donalson, The Wheel Of Time by Robert Jordan and The Snatchabook by Thomas Docherty. Oh and don’t get me started on Robert Munsch or Arthur Slade…love…love…love their work!


What Is The Most Important Message You Want Children To Know?

Literacy is the most important reason why I write. I want to write fun, creative books that children will read for generations to come in order to teach them and their parents about the importance of literacy. It’s the whole reason why I still do children’s literacy programming at the library. It is the very heart of everything I do.


If you would like to interview Tekeyla please contact her.

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