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Thomas And Amani:Summer Reading

Club Mystery.


Thomas and Amani are just                                                          a couple of ordinary pre-teens                                                 who enjoy hanging out but                                                   extraordinary events seem                                                          to unfold around them. In                                                              the first book, The Summer                                                          Reading Club Mystery, Thomas                                                      is hauled into the library by                                                       his best friend, Amani Chi                                                          Banani, to sign up for the                                                             Summer Reading Club.                                                    Educational building give                                                               Thomas fear gas. He suspects                                                    that it has to do with the                                                   accidental abandonment                                                       during a trip to the Regina Science Centre when he was four or could it be something much worse. Whatever it is, his butt seems to speak his fear of the places like the library. While in the library, Thomas gains an instant attraction to Library Sue who is a stylish young librarian who runs the Graphic Novel and Comic Book Reading Club. Smitten by the funky librarian, Thomas finds himself confronting his fear of libraries and signing up to read some graphic novels. While wandering around the library, Thomas discovers a magic door that leads into the Amazon Jungle and a cranky, ancient librarian, Mrs. Lykopis, who doesn’t want him anywhere near the door.  Then a week later, both the Summer Reading Club and Graphic Novel and Comic book Club are cancelled.  Both programming librarians are missing. Thomas’ heart is broken. He and Amani must sneak past cranky Mrs. Lykopis and venture into the Amazon Jungle to look for Library Sue and Library Kate and find the underlying cause of their disappearances. Thomas has one tiny little problem…his gassy colon that needs a hiccup remedy for its butt burps.  When it comes to facing mad monkeys, parrots and a python may be a butt that smells as bad as skunk isn’t such a problem after all.




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